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Understanding My Father's Journey: Exploring the Influences and Challenges of His Time

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

I constantly find myself wondering, "What led my father to choose the path he did?" Although I will never have a definitive answer, I often speculate. Could it have been the psychological impact of war, the internal struggle against the injustices faced as a black man in the US, or the pervasive inequality in the nation he was fighting for back then? While I can't comprehend the exact experiences he endured in Vietnam, I am aware of the consequences. It was challenging for him to secure a steady job upon his return, unlike others. I also recognize that during that era, equality was a goal yet to be fully realized. These questions do not arise from any animosity towards our country or others, but rather from a desire to comprehend my father's thoughts and emotions during that phase of his life. These are observations from his era that make many people uneasy to discuss.


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