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 The Veteran's Legacy
How the Vietnam War shaped my family and me

Kaizen is my motto and my mantra. It’s a Japanese word that means continuous improvement. It’s how I live every day of my life. I don’t dwell on my failures, I focus on my future. I don’t let obstacles stop me, I find ways to overcome them. I don’t blame anyone else for my challenges, I take responsibility for my actions. I keep improving, and I know I will succeed. Kaizen is the key to my happiness and success.

Robert Humphrey

must admit that I had a lot of anger towards my father when I was a child. He was not there for me when I needed him. He was distant, moody, and sometimes violent. I felt hurt and rejected by him. I later realized that he was suffering from PTSD and other issues that the military did not address back then. He was a victim of war and trauma. He did not know how to cope or heal. He did not know how to be a father. I don’t blame him anymore. I forgive him. I also learned from him. I inherited some of his traits, like his courage, resilience, and determination. But I used them to improve myself and my life. I used them to overcome my challenges and achieve my goals. I used them to be a better person and a better father. I owe him that. He was my hero and my role model. He was the source of my pain and my strength. He was my father and I loved him.

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