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Anger can be like a stone

For a long time, my anger was like a stone that I carried inside me, weighing me down. I couldn't lift it. I was angry at my childhood, angry at my father, and frustrated with not having a stable home with my parents and siblings.

This internal anger was heavy, but I managed it as best as I could throughout my life. I smiled every day, wished the best for those around me, all while dealing with my own internal burdens.

My anger drove me to excel in whatever I pursued, yet it always dragged me down, preventing me from trusting or loving myself and others as life was intended. Despite achieving what I consider success in life, I spent many years chiseling away at this anger to finally find peace with the things I couldn't control. It kept me from appreciating my blessings and the life I had created with little guidance in which to navigate.

Don't let anger weigh you down; it's an unwanted burden that shouldn't be carried indefinitely. It took me a lifetime to realize this, but I feel blessed to have reached this understanding within in my lifetime.


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