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The Effects of the War

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

One incident my father had involved an apartment manager that was asked to fix our air in our apartment, and it was not a very kind conversation due to being asked on several occasions to fix it. That evening while I was playing with my cousin in the room, we heard a gunshot and laughed about it while in the room. Shooting were comin and it's sad that as children we were immune to the sounds of gunshots. My cousin and I ventured into the living room to find that my father had been shot in the head while answering the door by the landlord of the complex. My father was walking calmly to the phone and called 911 while holding a towel to his head. The bullet struck the right side of his head and eventually was removed 6 months later from behind his left ear. Over the six months it had travelled around his skull to the left side of his head at which time it could be safely removed. Keep in mind he was a Vietnam vet, and the incident did not faze him. My grandmother said he had no Ill effects of the shooting because he was so hardheaded.


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