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Overcoming Challenges and Missed Opportunities

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

During my childhood, I actively participated in sports, but what proved to be the most challenging was being among the few children whose parents never attended their games or track meets. Throughout middle and high school, I engaged in track and football, which played a role in maintaining reasonable grades, as a minimum GPA of 2.5 was necessary for participation. People often inquired about my father's absence and questioned why he didn't come to support my games. Feeling ashamed, I'd offer explanations like him being busy with work or out of town, avoiding the truth about his imprisonment. Given my grandmother's inability to attend due to age, my support network was limited to a handful of friends and my best friend's mother. She graciously supported us both at games and track meets. The absence of family encouragement in sports further compelled me to rely on self-motivation and self-determination to excel in academics and athletics. Regrettably, a disagreement with my coach during senior year led to my exclusion from the team that year. Later, I discovered through an assistant coach that my main coach had discarded letters of intent from universities like Washington State, Colorado, West Point, and the University of New Hampshire—a missed chance and an important life lesson. I often pondered whether having the necessary guidance and support could have led me to make better choices and achieve significant accomplishments with my athletic talents.


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