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Learn to walk in your light

I had to learn to embrace positivity instead of dwelling in negativity. Growing up, I used to focus on the negative experiences from my childhood and let them fuel my internal anger. Despite projecting happiness outwardly and wanting success and joy for others, internally, I struggled with self-doubt, feeling inferior, and believing I didn't deserve the happiness I wished for those around me. These negative traits kept me in a dark place.

The turning point came when I realized the importance of self-love and acknowledged my worthiness. I shifted my mindset and began pursuing my own desires rather than conforming to perceived expectations. This led to a successful career, multiple homes, and extensive travel. However, I still felt something was missing.

I had distanced myself from the simple joys of family gatherings, like birthdays and graduations, and the genuine smiles of my children and grandchildren. Moving 1,163 miles away, I missed out on creating cherished memories, reminiscent of what my father had done in the past. Realizing the void, I left my job and returned to my family, striving to recapture the light that had been absent from my own childhood.

Today, I live in that light—filled with smiles, laughter, stories, and the hope of creating enduring memories that will be passed down through generations. I had lost sight of the simple yet profound joy of having my family around me. My journey taught me the importance of finding and embracing one's light before it diminishes.


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