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A Small Warrior's Triumph in the Concrete Jungle

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

During my childhood, I wasn't the biggest kid in the neighborhood, but mentally, I was sharp and quick-witted. I had the ability to analyze situations and figure out the best course of action for success. In the apartment complex where I lived, there were older kids who were all part of a gang. They used to organize fights between the younger kids, placing bets on who would win. One day, they picked five of us, and each gang member chose a kid to fight for them. I vividly remember wearing a pink dress shirt that day, as it was the only shirt available to me. Unfortunately, my pink shirt led to me being picked last and ridiculed as "pink shirt" by the other kids due to its color. Being the smallest, I knew I couldn't match the other kids' strength, and despite my limited knowledge of fighting, I had seen Kung Fu Theater on TV and decided to use what I learned there. To everyone's surprise, I managed to defeat every kid I fought, and the gang members enthusiastically cheered for "pink shirt." The kid I represented won money and shared some of it with me, allowing me to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck. Though I lacked size, I compensated with resourcefulness. This experience taught me the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness from a young age, as it was essential to avoid becoming a victim in the concrete jungle.

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Jewell Humphrey
Aug 18, 2023
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