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Sometime when your in a dark place you think you’ve been buried but actually you’ve been planted

These words hold profound meaning. Reflect on this: "At times, you might feel like you're stuck in a dark spot, mistaking it for being buried, when in reality, you've been planted." There are moments in our lives when we hit rock bottom, feeling utterly worthless to ourselves and others. We're overwhelmed by life's pressures and the numerous challenges we've faced just to reach our current state, yet we see no glimmer of hope or progress. This is the darkness we often equate with being buried—where it's cold, dark, and you feel immobilized, far from the sensation of truly living.

However, consider how a seed is treated: it must withstand tough conditions, including droughts, lack of sunlight, and inadequate nutrients—essential factors for a seed's growth, sprouting, and eventual breakthrough from its shell to showcase the beauty within. Similarly, we might find ourselves in situations that don't appear conducive for growth or success. Yet, over time, it becomes clear that these challenging environments were precisely what we needed to evolve into our best selves.


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