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Dreamer's Manifesto: From Dreams to Actions

Have you ever had someone tell you, "you're a dreamer," implying that you're not being realistic? From dreams come success. What starts as a simple dream can evolve into a goal; from a goal, a plan can be crafted, and executing that plan can pave the way for success. When someone labels you as a dreamer, respond with a simple "thank you" and keep moving forward.

My dream was simple; I wanted to have what could not be provided for me: a family home, success for my sibling and me, and the ability to achieve whatever I set my mind to. You might say those are not dreams, but from small dreams come big accomplishments. By getting my first home, I knew it could be accomplished. By my sibling and me being successful, I knew the next generation would go on to accomplish even better things. The ability to achieve whatever I set my mind to would create a mindset that would not allow me to fail. No matter how many steps back or how many times I fall, I will move forward.

If you remember nothing else, remember a dream is manifested first, and through them, ACTIONS.


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